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Female Friends


Dropper Bottle

Bridging The Gap Between Self Care and The Urban Community 

How Vibe Boxes Was Created....

Vibe Boxes By Tae was inspired by New Haven CT, native Shontae Stubbs. For many years leading up to creating vibe boxes Shontae found herself evolving with knowledge and understanding of the many benefits of living more holistically. Like most people that grow up in the inner city she found it hard and challenging at times. Finding comfort in seeing the likes of Nippsey Hustle, Queen Afua and Dr Sebi advocate and educate people of color to live a more holistic lifestyle she knew things were starting to shift within her community.

Having a natural caring & healing energy, she knew her life had more purpose. After her brothers untimely death one week after his cancer diagnosis she found herself at a spiritual crossroad. Dealing with the grief and PTSD that followed after her brothers passing she knew that "self care" was essential with her healing process. She leaned on her holistic knowledge to awaken her broken spirit and from this experience Vibe Boxes was created.